Jabulani Centre Stage



Jabulani Centre Stage was born out of the Tshwane Youth Arts Festival, as a development platform to give participants the opportunity to perform individually and in small groups up to 6 participants. As the competition is an outflow from the Tshwane Youth Arts Festival and will run between 3 August and 6 September 2015 on the Opera Stage of the State Theatre Pretoria. The standard of performances and the professionalism of the event, grows from year to year. A panel of judges, who are experts in each category, convene each year to adjudicate the entire competition. Their role is to mentor and encourage participants, but also to maintain a standard and help young performers reach deeper and bring the very best out in their individual performances. Apart from the obvious benefits of performing at Jabulani Centre Stage, there are attractive fringe benefits in store, such as sponsored gifts and great cash prizes SEE OUR EVENTS CALENDAR FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO FIND OUT HOW TO OBTAIN YOUR ENTRY FORM.