PC voice is an exciting vocal competition for artists who simply record and submit their vocal clip without having to go to an audition at a venue. Stand a chance to win R5000 cash, a Recording contract and a professional photo shoot.

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Who is this competition for:

  • Artists of all ages

How does it work:

  • The contestant registers as a free or a paying user on the Performer Corner website.
  • After registration, the contestant clicks on the competition entry button and completes the entry form.
  • The contestant will be prompted to email their vocal clip to competition@performercorner.com
  • The vocal clip can be professionally recorded or even just recorded via a cell phone(please in such a case make sure that you convert it to a MP3 format). Our adjudicators can identify a voice with quality on any of these recordings.
  • The application will come to our offices where it will be kept until proof of payment for the competition has been received – send the proof to competition@performercorner.com.
  • When proof of payment is received, the application will be processed and put onto the page where all the entries can be seen and heard.
  • First round will close on the 3rd of June 2013. The semi finalists will be announced on the 17th of June 2013.
  • The Semi Finalists will have time to submit new music up to 9th of August 2013
  • The 10 Finalists will be announced on the 30th of August 2013.
  • The 10 Finalists will come together at a Venue still to be confirmed on the 8th of November where they will spend the Friday evening and the Saturday evening at the Venue to rehearse for their final performance on 9th of November 2013.

What is the cost:

  • A free account holder of Performer Corner = R250 per entry fee.
  • A paying account holder of performer Corner = R180 per entry fee.


  • All songs chosen should be in English or Afrikaans.
  • The songs must be in good structure and no foul language will be tolerated.
  • Original songs are not permitted for the first round.
  • No comments of negative or slander of any nature will be tolerated and any contestant involved or connected to these comments will be disqualified immediately with no refunds.
  • No refunds are paid on entries at any time.
  • More prizes may be added to the bundle.
  • The structure of the competition may change should it be in the best interest of all parties.
  • Any under 18 contestant must carry their parents/guardians consent when entering this competition. Performer Corner cannot be held liable for dishonesty from under aged contestants at any time.
  • Should an under aged contestant go trough as a finalist, the parent or guardian will have to accompany the child to the Hotel in Pretoria at own cost.
  • Contestants can be from anywhere in South Africa – keep in mind that should the contestant go through to the final, they would need to be in Pretoria for the final performance and announcement.
  • The judges decision is final. No bribes or phone calls suggesting that the voting or decisions was done incorrectly will be accepted.

Rules are subject to change.

© copyright of the details or the concept is owned by Performer corner – Jackie Skeen